Two side of the glass


This project visits the forensic science mortuary in South Australia to create a series of photographic recreations that depict the ‘Two Sides of the Glass’. 


(4 x Digital Photographic prints on gloss 56cm x 35cm)


As part of an ongoing documentation of the places and spaces of death recorded in earlier projects I conducted a photographic series within the Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA) mortuary with a former colleague, Forensic Pathologist - Dr Neil Langlois. The concept for the series was to draw on my professional experience of working within the mortuary but to consider the experience of the outsider also.


I aimed to reveal the mood of the two sides of those who interact with the deceased in the mortuary – the forensic pathologist who engages science to analyse the manner and circumstances of an individuals death to the family who awaits the moment the curtains draw facilitating formal identification.