Tree LAdy


Transformation - Cycles of Life and Death


‘Tree Lady ‘is a physical incantation of imagining the body returning to the earth and becoming integrated within it over time. 


Two large-scale (160cm x 80cm) digital photographic prints on matt rag of ‘Tree Lady’ taken in September 2013 and September 2014.


‘Tree Lady’ is a site-specific work that utilises the growth of moss to encourage the incorporation of symbolic human remains into a natural environment. The work takes the form of a work-up of experimental recipes in growing moss on 3D surfaces including mannequins and bones in a controlled (terrarium) environment. 


Preparation for this project involved research into growing moss using different recipes and the selection of an environment in which it thrives.  


A secret location in the Macedon Ranges was located and ‘Tree Lady’ erected and secured.  Over a period of 12 months Tree Lady’s changes has been documented using photography. 


TreeLady is still in location today!


See lower slide show for images of process.

The face of Tree Lady changing over the course of 13 months.